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Welcome to the Home Study Program's Online Learning

Online Learning has revolutionized education, and has set a new paradigm in the delivery of instruction. It has changed the face of conventional classrooms by making education more accessible via the Internet to the learners who wish to finish their basic education but could not be physically present in school because of certain circumstances.

With the online learning, the learning environment becomes more flexible than a traditional classroom, and learners are able to maximize learning at the comfort of their homes/place.

The Home Study Program Online Learning of UST Angelicum is designed with the sole purpose of reaching out to the learners who may not be able to enroll in a traditional school because of certain conditions such as health problems, distance and work which limit them from attending the regular school. The program provides them with the opportunity to study and finish their basic education without reporting to school.

The learning modules, which serve as the main learning tool in UST Angelicum, is offered to the learners online, and evaluation such as the mastery tests could be accessed through the learning management system of the school.

This site provides the general guidelines which the learners could use in accessing the Online Learning through the school's Learning Management System(LMS).