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Getting Started

Getting Started
Technical Requirements for Online Learning

1. Desktop or Laptop computer with Operating System as Mac OS, Windows OS and the installed Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash Player/Reader, Java Software, webcam with headset.
2. Fast and stable Internet connection.
3. Updated browser compatible with UST Angelicum Learning Management System (LMS).
4. Gmail account of the learner to be provided by his/her moderator.
5. Gmail account of the subject facilitators to be provided by the moderator to the learner.

Getting Started with LMS

1. You will be enrolled in the UST Angelicum Learning Management System by the Front Desk Officer during your scheduled orientation. Your moderator will orient you on how to access the LMS.
2. Once you gain access, please familiarize yourself with the contents of the system.

+ Subject
+ Scope and Sequence
+ Modules
+ Mastery Tests
+ Performance Based Assessment

3. Click the subject you wish to work on. Study and answer the modules using the Micsoroft Word.
4. Attach your module answers using the provided link by clicking the ion for module answers.
5. Once the module have been submitted, the mastery test will be available. (Observe the restriction)
6. Once the module answers have been submitted, take the Mastery Tests by following th steps:

+ Click the MASTERY TEST
+ Click the ATTEMPT QUIZ

Once you have completed answering the mastery test,


7. Once the mastery test has been submitted, the system will automatically check your test and immediate result will be available.(Observe the restriction)
8. Once the result is OK, you may proceed to the next module and follow the same steps. However, if the result is not OK, you may take another attempt in the test until the result becomes OK

+ The mastery test will be checked manually by the subject facilitator, result of which will be given within 3 days
+ Learner may proceed to the next module and take the mastery test following the same steps

9. To keep track of your subject accomplishment, click the following:

+ Click the GRADES
+ Click the USER REPORT

10. The following subjects require submision of Mastery Test through provided links in th LMS:

+ Mathematics YS 2 to YS 11
+ Science YS 2 to YS 11
+ Filipino 8
+ English YS 5 and YS 8

11. To access the Mastery Test in these subjetcts, follow the following steps:

+ Open the mastery test. Type the correct password by answering the provided security question
+ Answer the mastery test in MS Word format and save
+ Send your accomplished mastery test through the provided link in the LMS
+ The mastery test will be checked manually by the subject facilitator, result of which will be given within 3 days
+ Learner may proceed to the next module and take the mastery test following the same steps

12. Once all modules, requirements and mastery tests have been completed in the subject, final evaluation through the achievement tests 1 and 2 will be administered in school. Please inform your subject facilitator of your preferred schedule to take the achievement test.
13. Secure a clearance note from your subject facilitator and show it to the proctor at the Testing Area, in order to take the achivement test
14. Observe the policies discussed by your moderator when you are in school.
15. Reproducing and sharing of any learning materials found in the LMS are strongly prohibited. Violation of such prohibition shall be regarded as a cause for disciplinary measure which will be dealt with by the Office of the Student Affairs.

Reminders for the Parents

1. The parents must ensure that all the requirement specified herewith needed by the learner for online learning are available to avoid delays in the online learning.
2. The parents/guardians must monitor closely the learner's progress and closely coordinate with the moderator of his/her child through phone or email.
3. The parents/guardians who wish to have a confidence with the moderator/subject facilitator must secure in advance a schedule of appointment with the Front Desk Officer.

The parents/guardians must ensure that the learner is prepared and have reviewed for the mastery test, and will ensure that the integrity of the test is protected as a valid measure of his/her child's academic progress.